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Well, look at you.

You with all your incredibly, indelibly unforgettable you-ness.

I’m so glad you are you and I’m just as glad you are here.

Who are you? Well, your title ranges - from Momtrepreneur to Professional Organizer to Teacher. Or you’re a VA, OBM, or Office Manager. Perhaps you’re a Manager, Leader, Coach. You could even be a Community Theatre Director or Non-profit Volunteer Coordinator.

Essentially, you’re someone who supports, organizes, and motivates others.

And to me, Sugar, you’re a SUPERHERO. You’re the one out there every day killin’ it. You’ve got too much on that ever-so-generous plate of yours. And you know, KNOW, that you could do even more if only you could figure out how to get around this tricksy little stuckness you’re up against right now.

Enter Stage Right: Ingenuwitty. Right, as in, right for your keen abilities. Right, as in, right for your needs. Right, as in, right for YOU.

See, every superhero needs a little something: a guide, a support, an untangler.

A Q to their James Bond (to give them clever tools and resources.)

A Mr. Miyagi to their Karate Kid (to give them advice, sass, and coaching.)

An Obi-Wan to their Skywalker (to give them pithy strategy. And a light-saber.*)

An Edna Mode to their Mr. Incredible (to ensure NO CAPES!)

And that’s where Ingenuwitty comes in for you. Think of me as your supportive, organize-y unstuckifier. I want to be there for you when you get tangled. If there’s anything in the world I love more than superheroes, it’s a clever solution. And I have a process, a system, a group of steps that we can take together to build your clever solution, create your clever strategy, and streamline your clever methods.

*When I figure out how to build a light-saber, you’ll be the first to know. And of course, my Whiz-Bang Email subscribers will get a discount.


 Free Strategy? Free Answers? Free Coaching? Yes, just for you. Because your superhero-ness needs a Q-Mode-Miyagi-Wan, right? 

The Lightning Vault

Not just templates - comprehensive action plans. Not just checklists - brain-saving project tools.    Not just a spark - a fully charged epiphany. 


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What others are saying

Kate knows how to create. (You’ll quickly learn what creation really is when you meet her.) She can help you make a list of your dreams, even the really outrageous ones, and make them come to life in a short amount of time. Her organized mind can assist even the saddest project and make you shine in an honest and straightforward way. I was so overjoyed to see my projects transformed so beautifully. Working with her will leave you feeling prepared to accomplish the goal!
— Gina, Corporate & Development Support