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Organization & Systems for Working Moms


That frustrating moment when you're surrounded by tons of task lists, that pile of stuff that you have no clue what to do with, the stack of mail on the counter, and a whole heap of guilt because nothing is done and everything is chaos.

OR - your brain keeps telling you to kick it up a notch and quit procrastinating, finish this project, and finally close the laptop so you can play with your kids.

OR - you're exhausted from running the kids all over the place, grabbing dinner, getting that item listed in your shop, frantically paying all the bills, and a whirlwind of keeping everyone else's life in check. When will there be time to get ahead? Or at least stay SANE while trying to juggle too much in too little time?

OR - you know WHAT needs to be done and you can see a clear path to do it, you just CAN'T EVEN with tearing yourself away from Netflix to just TRY to start.

You know you WANT to sort out your places, virtual spaces, & time. And wouldn't it be great if the solution was tailored to you? Do you prefer one-on-one coaching? Or breezy, short n' sweet DIY action guides?


Kate Rufener Organization Coach

If you're struggling with the oppression of overwhelm, the taskiest of task lists, the possibility of productivity, the allure of accountability, the movement of motivation, or just getting that persnickety project finally finished... From cleaning out your closet, to building a time organization system that will actually organize your time, to moving across the country, to writing that ginormous business plan, or creating your awesome-sauce resume, I'm here to help.

Kate Rufener Organization Coach
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Hey there, Sugar!


My mantra is "One Step Is Enough For Now" because overwhelm thrives in an atmosphere of frantic chaos. Cut off the overwhelm and restore order by picking ONE thing to focus on, ONE step to complete, and feel the peace that follows. Here are three suggestions to start using the Ingenuwitty method now:


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Yes, you can feel that calm & confidence that comes from being truly organized, motivated, & productive. Find out how you can get started now. 

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