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From today’s task list to whole-room organization to planning a big move or project, you’ll find hand-holding and cleverness right here

You know that phrase, “Everyone has the same 24 hours in a day”?


It’s totally not true. The person who has 3 kids and a full time job has a very different 24 hours than someone who’s in school and doesn’t have kids.

Whether your 24 hours are crowded with spilled milk and soccer practice, or term papers and planning your Sorority Grad party, Ingenuwitty was invented to make your 24 hours easier, so you can have more time to spend the way you WANT.


It comes from knowing WHAT to do. And when.

That’s where templates, guides, and one-on-one coaching can step in to help.

So, Rockstar... you into this savin' time and gettin' organized thing, too? Well, that means we're about to be NEW BEST FRIENDS.

I'm just thrilled you're here!

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Great. And you are…?

Hey there! I’m Kate and I’m the founder of Ingenuwitty. 

When I’m not obsessing over productivity, organization, & motivation, you’ll find me rehearsing for another community theatre production, watching sci-fi (Captain Picard & Mal Reynolds are the business), playing “Mommysaurus Rex” with my little, or planning for/going on a trip to Disneyland with the Hubs. My goal in life is to be more like Mary Poppins, right down to Feeding the Birds.

The Professional Deets: Completed a BS in Communication, Teaching & Training at the University of Utah. Completed Marie Forleo’s B-School and Ryan Deiss’s Content Marketer Certification. Trained in World Class Customer Service at DisneyWorld, the Winter Olympics, and the Tony-Award Winning Utah Shakespearean Festival.

Two decades of organizing & managing offices, implementing marketing strategies, executing hiring/onboarding structures, and creating systems for Non-Profits, Start-Ups, and Staffing Agencies.

My best practices and strategic shortcuts were developed both from managing volunteer teams in the world of community theatre, where low budgets and limited resources require creative & innovative solutions.

I’d love to chat about the solutions you need!

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So, what do you need?