Why You're Procrastinating

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I know.

It should have been done 2 hours ago.

Or 2 days ago.

Or worse, 2 weeks ago…

Listen, you procrastinated.

Newsflash: you're human.

You're human and it SUCKS to be in a place where you made a mistake that's going to affect your reputation, or the project deadline, or your colleagues, or your kids, or, or, or…

But at the heart of this moment, there's an opportunity.

No, not to accept the shame so you'll never do it again.

(Shame can be a very powerful teacher, but I'm not sure it really teaches you the right lessons… In fact, the reason you procrastinated to begin with is because you allowed your shame to rule the day.)

No, the point here is to practice being human. With yourself.

Actively, consciously, purposefully (full of purpose-ly) say to yourself, "I didn't do this task on time. It was due before now. I can't change that. What I can change is how I treat myself."


Then, out loud, say, "Who I Am Is Enough."

Close your eyes and repeat it in your head.

Then open your eyes and look for the first step in this task. What needs to get done very, very first?

While you're looking, remember that you just spent a LOT of energy on procrastinating to this point. So, you don't really have the energy to spare so you can beat yourself up over that procrastinating.

(You really don't. Energy is like a bank account that can't be overdrawn.)

So breathe.

Just one step.

Because you were human and it happens to all of us.

Ditch the should. Ditch the regret. They're going to suck the energy right out of you.

Because this task is yours.

And you get to complete it - completion negates regret.

So you can remember: it's enough.

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