Shortcuts to Productivity

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There are things you can do to trigger your brain into productivity.

Now, please don't misunderstand - I'm not saying that you need things a certain way to be more productive. You really can be productive in any environment. You just need to build your productivity process and triggers play a big role in building that process for yourself.

Think of them like shortcuts to getting things done. Little things like what music is playing, a certain location, etc. can help you create a neural pathway that triggers your brain into a state of flow.

Once in flow, your brain is ready to work without the hesitation or procrastination common to less-than-ideal circumstances. (At the end of this page is a free PDF step-by-step process to figuring out YOUR productivity triggers, and I’m beyond excited to share it with you!)

So, let's go over the possible triggers you can set up to work in your favor:


Do you work better with some light classical music in the background? Or that electro-funk beat you found on Youtube? Whatever it is that makes you feel like getting things done, use it. Turn it on as you sit down to work - and don't start a song at the beginning, start it right in the middle, get to the 'point' of the music as quickly as possible. ("Start in the middle" is one of the biggest procrastination busters around - you can start in the middle of a song, in the middle of a task, in the middle of something you're writing… try it sometime, it really works!)


Do you work better in a busy coffee shop? Or at your living room coffee table? In the backyard on that table you thrifted a few years ago? Wherever it is you've found your groove, get yourself there.


Do you work better when it's cold? Hot? Just right? Figure out what makes you more comfortable and also, what makes you more likely to take action (sometimes, comfort and action can't live together…) and then set that temperature as you're sitting down to work.


How much sleep do you need in order to work? You can work on a less-than-ideal amount of sleep, but what amount gets you into the sweet spot?

What are some others you've found?

Try making a list of what works best for you that you can always go back to when you are feeling stuck or are needing a little extra motivation!

A little final note:

Once you know what your ideal is, you can recreate that in any environment.   

For example, there are apps online that will give you the background noise of a busy coffee shop so you can have that feeling even at home (Try Noisli for that coffee shop feeling and for some awesome focus.) 

Or, sit how you would sit at your coffee table, even if that isn't where you are at the time.

The point is that you can work wherever, whenever. When it's important, you can get it done. But if you'd like the help of a shortcut, a productivity trigger is just the thing.

Sign up below and grab your free step-by-step workbook for discovering your own productivity triggers, and let's find out what makes you work!