Closing Time...For You, Too!

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At the end of the day, how do you feel?

Are you satisfied with what you’ve done for the day?

Have you finished every single project that you need to? Did you check everything off your to-do list?


Do you have that gnawing feeling in your chest saying, “I have time to finish one more project”?

Lots of people, myself included, have a difficult time turning their brains off from work at the end of the day. There are several ways to let go of your work stress when you’re ready to get back to your personal life. Saying goodbye to everyone at work, closing the door to your office, meditating when you get home, having a glass of wine with a loved one, etc. are all ways to help your brain understand that work is over.

Personally, I have a "close out ritual" that I have to do before I walk away from my office each night (my office used to be the dining room table, so it's not the space that determines “the office”). My ritual is that I choose the next day's "launch task" (what will get me fired up about working for myself!) and then I stack my papers, close out my programs, and close my laptop. The physical closing helps me process that work is done. Then the laptop gets put away, so it isn't easy to just hop back on it. Your brain just needs a cue or trigger to let it know that it's done. Give yourself that permission to walk through something physical to help cue your brain to be finished.

There’s nothing wrong with coming home and not wanting to think about work. You should be able to focus on the rest of your life some of the time, too! You’re working so hard for a reason. It’s ok to want to remember why you’re working so hard. The office will survive the night without you. Give yourself permission to need what you need and do what you do.