How to Declutter Your Brain

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There's a LOT of info across the interwebs about organizing physical spaces.

But I think there are 3 major categories we gotta pay attention to if we're going to keep our worlds running on organized.

The breakdown looks like this:

  1. Physical Spaces
  2. Virtual Places
  3. Blocks of Time

Your brain falls under #1 - physical spaces.


Why not a virtual place?

Well, there are specific things your brain was meant to do and specific things your brain needs a break from. If you treat it like a virtual place, you'll give it more than one major job on a regular basis.

But your brain wasn't meant to hold onto every single thing in your world.

Your Brain was meant to create things. Not remember & store things.

Our brains are TERRIBLE at remembering things. But they're great at creating solutions, thinking up game plans, and looking ahead to things that we are excited about… (is it time to plan a Disneyland trip yet?)

So, what's the solution to a cluttered brain?

First, when your brain has a bunch of stuff rattling around in it, do a brain dump. Just get all the stuff in your brain out of your head by writing (or typing) it all out.

An important tip: don't try to edit as you write. Just get all the ideas out, THEN you can decide what to do and how to edit. (Your brain uses an entirely different set of skills to get ideas out versus editing/decision making.)

Second, don't use your brain to remember stuff. Carry around a little notebook, or add things in to your phone/computer.

That's it!

Keep it simple when de-cluttering your brain. Use your brain to create, not store/remember stuff.