The One Thing You Need to Hear Today

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Hey there, Sugar!

So, you just finished up running the kids to all the things. You managed to remember the snacks for the soccer game today. You got that big presentation finished at 1am last night and it went well this morning, but then you had a whole day of working on the next one. Your toddler got into the pantry and made a big mess with the soup packets, which you started cleaning up just as your teenager came running in with the news that she needs your help to finish her science project so she can run it back over because the projects will be judged before school starts in the morning…

For those of you who are reading along, just nodding and crying a little bit inside because - while the details don't exactly match - you get the FEELINGS of it.

That feeling that your time isn't your own - because a little person claims it.

That feeling that you'll never finish another project - because some mess or emergency is going to stop it every time.

That feeling that you just want to take a long nap…

And while you wouldn't trade the amazingly sweet moments, you know that it'd be nice to just have the power to finish a project without interruption. Or have a for-real sleep-in day. Or lay on the couch and eat Bugles while you binge-watch Poldark…

But stress and chaos are a way of life for you.

So here's what you need to hear right now: Who You Are Is Enough.

I don't even care if that sounds frou-frou or touchy-feely.

Sometimes, when we're running everywhere and doing all the things, getting a little frou-frou is a relief.

If you've made it this far, it's likely because your culture hasn't yet caught up to the notion that you don't have to do and be everything in order to be seen, beloved, to get what you need.


It's one of the core principles not just of Ingenuwitty, but of my life. I'm by no means perfect at believing it. I struggle same as the next gal. But sometimes, I just need to hear it.

Who you are is enough.

You could hear it again a few times, too:

Who you are is enough.

Start with that and see how the rest of your day goes, k?

And for pete's sake, tell your teenager that who she is… is enough. She's gonna need it, too.