Easy Steps to Beating Overwhelm

K8 Overwhelmed Graphic.png

How many times a day do you think "I have so much to do" or "There's no way this will ever all be done"? When you walk into your office or workspace, do you feel totally confident in your ability to accomplish all of the tasks for the day or are you immediately stressed to the point of wanting to turn around and run right back out the door, get on an airplane, and leave forever? Well, that second feeling is surprisingly common; common enough for me to put together a little routine that helps my clients go from feeling completely at a loss for what to do to feeling POWERFUL and READY to begin.  

Here are the steps I use with my clients to help OBLITERATE the overwhelm and help you get started in a hurry: 

1) Get a glass of water and drink it as fast as you can without gulping it. 

Water has a brilliant effect on your brain, awakening ruts and pathways and making certain you can access needed information and creative powers. 

2) Walk around for a few minutes.  

You can walk inside or out,  just get your body moving. Walking helps your heart calm, develops needed receptors to biologically calm anxiety, and gives your mind a purpose while your body is taking a little break. 

3) Take a deep breath. Then another.  

More from the "brain needs access to things to get stuff done." Air/Oxygen are vital elements to helping your brain have enough energy to convert matter into thoughts. 

4) Now, sit down at your workstation, close your eyes and say something like, "Beginning is going to be such a treat.

I don't have to do everything. I can just start and it can be enough!" It's important that you be sitting in the spot where you intend to work when you say this. It will help create a productivity trigger . 

5) Grab the first thing you see when you open your eyes and take action on it. No matter how inconsequential or unimportant, just start taking action on it. 

No need to determine if it's the 'right' thing - just pick up the first thing you see. It's amazing how focusing on the work, instead of on whether or not it's the 'right' thing will get you working easily and without a lot of judgment toward yourself. 

 6) After a few minutes, take another deep breath and ask, "What's ONE of the priority tasks for today? I'd like to make the smallest possible dent in my list of things to do by doing that item..."

Then allow yourself to give over to that task, even if you're wrong and something else is 'more' important... just allow yourself to do… 

When you're feeling like booking the next flight to anywhere-but-here, start on the first step above. Just one step is enough for now. 

So, go grab that glass of water and get started. It's easier than you think!