Why Goals Suck. Especially at New Years.

K8 Goals Suck Graphic.png

Hello, lovey! It’s that time of year again… cue all of the “New Years Resolutions”,  “Goals for the New Year”, “New Year, New You” chimes.  


Imma let you in on a little secret…

Goals are fakers. They make you think you've been productive, but really they distract you from actually achieving anything. Let me explain.

You might have noticed that you have a bunch of “to do” lists sitting around, or a goal journal that has been gathering dust all year. Honey, that’s because “setting” goals is one of the biggest time-wasters I've ever encountered as a productivity coach and business owner. Goals without plans are just ways to FEEL productive instead of BE productive. That’s like saying that LOOKING at a chocolate cake is just as satisfying as actually EATING the chocolate cake.

(hint: always eat the cake.)

Rather than spending all of your valuable time (which you never get back, btw) making lists and lists of goals, start with three simple (one more time for the over-achieving power women in the back!), SIMPLE things that you would like to do, and do soon. Then, take those three simple things, and assign them one plan that you can do that will bring you closer to achieving them. For example:

  1. Have a clean office.

  2. Drink more water.

  3. Never forget the keys on the counter.

See? Three simple things.

Now, add one step towards achieving your goal.

  1. To have a clean office, I can spend 5 minutes every evening pushing any trash on my desk into the garbage can.

  2. To drink more water, I turn a little alarm on in my phone that says “H20 time!” at noon every day.

  3. So that I never forget the keys on the counter, I will buy a cute keychain accessory that always catches my eye. That way I’ll always notice my keys!

Do you know how long it took me to come up with those 3 goals and a one-step plan for each other them?

10 minutes. Total. Yup.

Changing up your routine doesn’t have to mean a huge, long list of all of these new “goals”- it means taking ACTION. And hey- what a great mantra for 2018! “I take action to create change.”  It’s as easy as one simple step. You got this!  



Kate Rufener