Welcome, Sugar - you are SO in!

I'm BEYOND thrilled that you've decided to join in on the fun (and get beautifully organized in the process...) 

This is an ongoing challenge. Think of it kinda like a hop-on/hop-off service that breezily, easily gets you to the land of ORGANIZED, PRODUCTIVE and that little nirvana called "TIME TO HEAR YOURSELF THINK."

Every week, I'll send out a task via email. You can get helpful hints along the way in The Clevernizers - a supportive little spot on the interwebs where you can get answers, get accountability help, see how others are getting their weekly task done, and get helpful tips/tricks along the way.

Here's what you can expect:

(Don't worry about keeping track of this, you'll get it as part of the weekly email...)

  • Every Sunday - an email with the week's challenge task and the list of events going on throughout the week
  • Every Monday - a super-fun kickoff LIVE in The Clevernizers to explain the week's challenge and walk you through how to break it down so it's EASY and DOABLE
  • Every Tuesday - you'll get a little planning nudge either in The Clevernizers or on Instagram
  • Every Wednesday - your All-Day Q&A gives you a chance to ask questions about completing the task
  • Every Thursday - another little nudge, but this time a reflection prompt to help you solidify and wrap the task
  • Every Friday - your chance to show off (and win prizes from doing so!) in the Friday Show & Tell (read: guilt-free accountability!) Thread

There's some other little goodies along the way, but you don't need to worry about that now!

Here's your next step: 

(we call this STEP-BY-STEP for a reason!)

Get in on the action by joining The Clevernizers right HERE

That's it! 

No need to schedule time on your calendar or any of that jazz you usually see on challenges... just sign up for the Clevernizers and check out all the goodies waiting for you there!

Your next step will be delivered this upcoming Sunday.

One last little reminder: WHO YOU ARE IS ENOUGH

And thanks for being here!

Peace, Love, & Cary Grant,