Bre Welch


Bre, Pepperfox Photography

Kate has a warm and kind quality in her work which makes you instantly feel like you are working with a good friend. Her excitement and passion for what she does inspires those same feelings within myself. And her honesty is refreshing & motivating. I have a better idea of what I am capable of and feel more confident in my efforts to pursue my dreams.


Nick Siler


Founder, More Than Words Dating

Kate has a vast & extensive knowledge base. She is able to share that in a way that makes daunting tasks digestible. Starting my own business, I felt overwhelmed. Like I was drowning. She was able to help me break this down into smaller, accomplishable To-Do lists. It was exactly what I needed. I find any time spent with Kate to be clarifying, empowering, and relieving.

Kelly Coombs


Voiceover Artist

Kate digs DEEP with you. She is right there with you 100% of the time whether you're down in the dumps or sharing in your excitement. She is very open & loving, which makes it easy to open up to her and let her into your world. She believes in me! I have more confidence in myself. I've stuck to my goals & created habits like never before.

Gina Vinson


Sales Executive

Kate knows how to create. (You'll quickly learn what creation really is when you chat with her.) She can help you make a list of your dreams, even the really outrageous ones, and make them come to life quickly. Her organized mind can assist even the saddest project and make you shine in an honest and straightforward way. I was so overjoyed to see my projects transformed & completed so beautifully. Working with her will leave you feeling prepared to accomplish the goal!


Trevor Dean



Kate is very personable, honest, realistic, and driven. She cares a lot about me and my goals and it shows. She is all about putting what you want out there and going for it. "Create what you want to happen" mentality. I felt like my vision of what I wanted and expected for myself, my business, and life was a lot more clear after meeting with her.


Laren Bateman


Co-Founder, Excellence in Health

Kate offers both clever solutions and the guidance to help me find my own. She has a unique history of experience in the creative arts and the business world that informs her approach to organization and project development. She is able to blend empathy and holding me accountable in a way that makes sense, that makes the most of my abilities, and that clarifies what I need to accomplish.